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Amd driver issue after 1903 update - Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tech Issues' started by Baburav, May 28, 2019.

  1. Baburav

    Baburav New Member

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    Amd driver issue after 1903 update

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  3. GeminiDK

    GeminiDK Guest Guest Post

    I tried to find some info but was not able to.
    After upgrading to 1903 Im experiencing Radeon Vega 56 driver loading failure (31).
    I tried different versions of the drivers and the latest of course, I tried clean reinstall drivers... etc. But the result is the same: the driver cannot be loaded failure. Everything else works fine, I reverted back to 1809 and it works perfectly. Also I upgraded to 1903 on several other computers but without an AMD card and everything works fine.
    I didnt try to install clean windows 1903 on my machine because I just do not have time to reinstall all my programs etc, I already upgraded my OS with several builds, and this is first time I made a reverse. BTW reverse went smooth and fast.
    My config: MSI TR4 motherboard, Threadripper 1920, 32Gb, MSI Vega 56 Video.

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