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[Answered] How to bypass websites that require you to disable adblock?

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Jordan, Jan 27, 2017.

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    The whole point of add blocker is to block ads, this has worked very well the past 5 years or so. BUT!! Now most sites stop us from accessing it all together, such as Forbes and many others unless we pause it, or add them to our white list.Some sites even break there web site on purpose until you disable ad blocker... i have seen this on a few occasions!! Why would you ban visitors from your site? they could re-post your article on there site and make you more traffic, better authority and ranking? buy hey ho. People have a different opinion then me!

    A lot of frustrated users have asked me many occasions How to bypass websites that require you to disable adblock? now i have an answer.

    This works on may popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. You need an adblocker if you havent already got one! i imagine you will already, if your reading this article.

    Step 1, visit the TamperMonkey website and download the appropriate software for your browser.


    In my case Google Chrome, Add Extension then head to next step

    Step 2:

    Now we need to install Aniti AdBlock Killer, scroll down to Step 3. It doesnt matter what you select, but i selected Github.com


    Once clicked install you will be redirected to an install page.

    Click install and your done, you should see a page like this, asking you to re-install, because its installed. :)


    Taa Daa Forbes lets us on without blocking us!!


    Thats it, enjoy


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