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facebook gameroom error after install when opening up to play or after a restart

Discussion in 'General Computing / Net Questions' started by wantluckman, Jan 20, 2019.

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    hi,I have a problem,I am having.I was using windows 10 on my computer,but it kept upgrading,and it seemed to use up all my space and memory.So i went back to windows 8 i had.By installing it with my upgrade disk i had,then i upgraded that to 8.1 for free through the store.Now my memory problems solved.But i am still having the same problem i was having,which was part of the problem which led to me removing windows 10 in the first place.Which is facebook gameroom keeps on giving me an error after i install it.It installs and opens up normally and i play on it and as soon as i either log off user,restart computer,or shutdown computer when i open it up the next day it opens up gameroom.The screen that says gameroom and then opens up my browser to facebook to a page of either the setup download page or to my news feed.With the address bar saying something like finialize true or initialize true or something.And i have to keep uninstalling gameroom and installing gameroom each time i want to use it just to play on it.Because if i dont leave it opened up and logged into the games screen and my computer screensaver doesnt come on or hybernate or sleep or something.To cause it to screw it up to where it logs out or off of gameroom or close out gameroom.Or if the computer doesnt update windows and cause it to restart the computer.Im fine then but if something like that happens and it restarts or hybernates etc. then i have to uninstall and reinstall gameroom just to play each time.It might leave behind files in registry or in the explorer file system which might be also half the problem so how do i stop this from happenning.And how do i fix gameroom so it will work and run and play no matter what i do,even if i shut down my computer the next day. And if i have an external drive that had files on it at one time,how can i be sure that wont mess it up if i plug it in,to get my videos off of the backup drive.Sorry this is so long any help would be apprieciated,Thanks.

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