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File Explorer Takes Forever to Respond ? Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Forums' started by Windows 10, Oct 20, 2015.

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    File Explorer Takes Forever to Respond? anyone have any ideas how this works?

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  3. JojoYoder

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    I had the same issue and found this solution on another website:

    "After going through enabling startup services groups at the time and restarting the computer everytime! Eventually I found the service that was causing the problems with file explorer. The service is called Windows search and once disabled it restored functionality to file explorer. The search function in file explorer works but the search in the taskbar doesn't."

    Step by step guide:
    1. Hold Win+r to open run
    2. Type msconfig and hit ok or enter
    3. Click Services
    4. Navigate to Windows search (you can sort the list in descending alphabetical order)
    5. Uncheck tickbox
    6. Click apply then ok
    7. Select to restart now
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