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How to make a Bash to ssh launcher / script in Windows 10 in one click to

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Jordan, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Running certain commands through bash causes all sorts of path issues on Windows.

    Here is a simple method how to create a bash to ssh launcher to open in Windows 10.

    You will need to create 2 files to get around the double click issues when running scripts.

    1# Create a new script .sh file; name it anything you like. In this instance i have called my file Script1.sh

    copy these commands inside it


    Close and save the file,

    3# Now we need to create a batch file, i have named mine Script2.BAT

    add the following code to it.

    bash script1.sh

    The batch file will call Script1.sh which will open a ssh Launcher.

    That is it

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