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How To Setup Remote Management On a Huawei HG533 Router‏

Discussion in 'Huawei' started by Jordan, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Here is a quick tutorial on How To Setup Remote Management On a Huawei HG533 Router

    login to your router from a web browser using the HG533 ip address this is generally

    Go to Advanced > NAT > Port Mapping

    See the diagram for reference

    HG533 Huawei Router remote management.JPG

    Protocol use: TCP/UDP
    Leave remote host blank as you could be logging in with a number of different ip addresses
    External Start Port: 4899
    External End Port: 4899
    Internal Host is the ip address of the device your connecting too so in this case the router so that
    will be
    Internal port: 80 (webbrowser HTTP PORT 80)
    Mapping name: i called mine remote management but you can name it what ever you want.
    Once this is done press Submit

    Now head to Basic Tab > Wan to find your Outside(external) ip address this will be different from your internal address e.g

    You can also get your ip address by going to whatsmyip.com Once this is done you can check its working by using your mobile phone,or a device that is outside the network such as a work pc etc.

    If you find you cant connect to your device your firewall maybe blocking it.You can turn off your firewall on the Huawei HG533 router by going to Advanced Tab>Firewall.
    Then press Disable.
    Then try and test your connection to the router again.Once this is done you should be able to successfuly connect to your HG533 router remotely. Congratulations you can manage it from anywhere in the world long as you have a internet connection.

    If this doesnt work Contact your network provider in my case Talk Talk to get a new router
    sent out because its Faulty.

    If your allowing your router to be management externally you need to change your HG533
    router password to something strong because hackers can gain access into your network. This is the most important bit. you dont want anyone connecting to your network.

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