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How to unblock/Bypass Agario at School or at Work!

Discussion in 'Agario Forum' started by Jordan, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    Q) How to unblock Agario at School or at Work ?
    They are many ways to unblock Agario one the most biggest games online at the moment.

    1) Unlock Agario by DNS
    If you can access your ip configuration via Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel you should be able to by pass DNS Security with Googles Public DNS. This should work if your school or employer or ISP is blocking the ipaddress. This also works with some Torrent websites.

    Simply follow the steps below to start playing Agario

    Firstly Go to Control Panel> Network & Sharing


    next, Click Change Adapter Settings (top left)


    Next, Choose your connection , in my case its Local Area Connection, Right Click then do properties.


    Next, Double click Internet Protol Version 4 (this will display your ip address if you have a static address configured and your DNS Settings)


    Next>Click Advanced


    Then click the DNS Tab (Here you enter the google DNS settings) Keep reading.....


    Click add and add Google DNS: & Enter these into the section below then click add


    Now we need to test that the settings have been applied
    If you can gain access to command prompt, you can do this by hitting the wndows key then type CMD and hit enter.Then type in Ipconfig/all. Your DNS Servers should be & (ignore the other numbers these are my private ones.) If the DNS servers are not what we added then it hasnt worked and your admin has blocked it. But if you see what i see below you should be able to access Agario

    Let us know if these worked for you, i will add more ways how to bypage proxy to access Agario Soon.


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  3. Jordan

    Jordan Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    If the above doesn't work to unblock Agario you can add static entries to your host file.
    First you need to run Notepad as Administrator.

    Once you have opened notepad browse to this location:

    Open a file called Hosts it should look like the below:


    Add the following to your host file like above: agar.io gc.agar.io m.agar.io

    Then do file > save (please make sure you have opened notepad as Admin or you wont be able to save the file)

    Once this has saved you should be able to access Agario again :)

    Please note : Ip address can change so to find out what IP addres Agario has.

    Simply open up a command prompt and ping Agar.io (see below)


    see how it returns a address. you could add that to your host file too.

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  4. Agario

    Agario Guest Guest Post

    Cool thanks, Worked for me :D Now i can play agian
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  6. Mark alex

    Mark alex Guest Guest Post

    We all need great and informative information that can help us and you shared this kind of information. Thanks a lot.
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