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Sky Hub/Router SR102 - How To Setup Remote Managment

Discussion in 'Sky Hub/Router' started by Jordan, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Here is a quick tutorial on how to set-up remote management on your Sky Hub- SR102

    Firstly log in to your Sky Hub. Now we need to browse to the remote management page.

    If you havent changed the ip of your sky hub, go to this URL:

    or head to Advanced > Remote Management


    Once you see the above page, you should see the setting to enable remote management: Once enabled, you will see your public ip followed by a port number which you can set. I set mine to 8080.

    If you type the address into a browser you should be able to access your hub remotely.
    You will be asked for your Hub username and password. If you have this set as default , i would advise you to change it to something hard, as the public could access your hub.


    Note:If your broadband isn't for business your ip address will probably change over time meaning you cant access your hub remotely unless you find out your new ip or setup DNS.

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