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Why is Windows 10 such a piece of shit, seriously - Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tech Issues' started by Baburav, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Baburav

    Baburav New Member

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    Why is Windows 10 such a piece of shit, seriously

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  3. Promethius

    Promethius Guest Guest Post

    I'm asking my self the same Question, wow what crap, I'd guess as a super user, its all the connection protocols to all the advertisers, an tracking cookie bullsht that windows 10 allows with out your approval or consent, plus all the restrictions we face every day that say's you don't have permission, talk to your admin, lol or, my fav you don't have the Authority to do that! muhahahahahha on my own box, I don't have the Authority ? On a PC I own? I think not. Time to move on, to a better OS
  4. Misi el fus

    Misi el fus Guest Guest Post

    I bet you wear a fedora
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  6. guest bob

    guest bob Guest Guest Post

    in win 10, things launch extremely slow, the boot is slow, the machine is 4 times faster than my win xp, but it runs slower.
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