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Windows 10 Gaming Task bar - Screenshots, Recordings and much more

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Jordan, Jan 12, 2017.

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    How to open the Windows 10 Gaming task bar to take screenshots, record audio and record in game gaming.

    First thing you need to do is head to the Xbox built in App. Simply search for Xbox in your Taskbar like below. If you dont have this app, go to the Windows Store and download it for free.


    Once you open the App you will be asked to sign in or to create an account. I signed in with my Hotmail / Outlook account which is owned by Microsoft so i didnt need to create a new account, which was pretty handy.

    Ok, so once your signed in , you should see the following screen.


    You can minimize this screen or close if you want now.

    Head over to a game of your choice, in my case i have selected "Soilitaire TriPeaks"


    The short cut to enable your Windows 10 Gaming Task bar is "Windows key + G"

    Press your keys now while in game. The following should pop up on your screen like below.

    windows 10 gaming task bar.PNG

    See an image with it in screen play:


    To take a screen shot click on the Camera icon
    To record your in screen play hit the Red Circle icon
    To Record sound directly from your mic click "record mic"


    Screenshots in play with the gaming task bar on Windows 10 and where are these stored?

    Lets say we took a screenshot of our app with the camera icon. Next thing we need to do is head to our Xbox App and select the Game DVR Tab on the right hand side to see all screen shots.


    To view your screen shot, double click the photo


    We know get the option to upload it, or open the folder where its located. If you select open folder location it should store in the default path C:\Users\Yourusersname\Videos\Captures


    Same applies for Videos and Mic Recordings, everything will be stored in this folder.

    Windows 10 Gaming Taskbar Short Cut Keys:

    Here is a list of Short cut keys for your gaming taskbar which are very useful.

    Short cut keys for windows 10 gaming taskbar.PNG

    You can also set your own short cuts by entering you short cut keys in the " your short cut" part. This is very useful and quicker if you made your own short cut keys while in play. instead of having to press the windows key and a whole lot of other keys, which could get you killed in play.

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  3. Jordan

    Jordan Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    Same applies to Recording in game play a red square appears below telling you your recording the game. Once finished recording, this will be stored in the same place as your screen shots etc.


    You can also turn of the time in your Windows 10 Gaming Task bar recording that appears on your videos. Head over to settings like below:


    Untick " show Timer while i'm recording"

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