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Windows 10 Holographic Compatibility Results - Minimum Hardware requirements

Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Jordan, Jan 8, 2017.

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    I have been testing the latest leaked Windows 10 build and opened the new Windows Holographic app and it requires some heavy hardware requirements.



    So clicked get started to see what it would do on my Virtual Machine.

    Windows Holographic compatibility results.PNG

    I was hit with Windows Holographic compatibility results Window... :(

    So it looks like there is minimum requirements in order to run this Windows Holographic and my Virtual machine doesn't make the cut.

    lets take a look at what the system requirements are:

    Memory - You need at least 4GB of RAM (standard in must machines)
    USB 3.0 is recommended even though they are faster versions
    Disk space 20GB or more
    Video Card: A Graphics card that supports DirectX 12 (the latest DirectX version supported in Win10)
    CPU: Your processor needs to have at least 4 cores

    As you can see it will be running on the latest Technology as it should be. In terms of graphics cards if you have a new one it might well be capable running DirectX 12, try and update your graphics card drivers, or visit the manufactures website to see if it is compatible.

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