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Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950XL not recognizing microSD (yet all files viewable via FileExplorer)

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Forums' started by R. Findler, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. R. Findler

    R. Findler New Member

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    Foolishly frustrating Microsoft's choice to no longer support both Windows 10 Mobile and it's Revenue Paying Customers.

    I would like a straight forward access to CMD or Command Line access.

    My (less than a year old) Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950XL (variant RM-1085_12547) started (yet again) to not recognize the functioning Samsung 128GB EVO+ microSD (yet all files viewable within the same 950XL via MS FileExplorer... go figure Microsoft). To confirm, I also placed the microSD into an adapter and verified the array of directories and file sizes with our DELL Inspiron.

    The phone's:
    - Configuration ID is 12547.035242
    - Core Build ID is 1130.136 (01078.0053.16236.35000)
    - Firmware Update Notifier is

    It has been updated regularly awaiting what I understand is a 'final' update.

    Of course the fine functional opportunity to store my various Apps directly to the microSD ensures I have maximum onboard RAM/ROM accessible (>~20GB available) within the phone. Great, overall; as this microSD is comparatively a very fast R/W. Of course all my installed Apps are now 'greyed out'/inaccessible via the phone. The helpful opportunity/recommendation to Reinstall each App results in the laborious process of Downloading each App to the 950XL; repeatedly followed by a resultant Error Code# 0x80242020.

    In turn this helpfully offers the option to "Report this problem" tab to Microsoft who has made the uninformed, insulting business decision to not support Windows 10 Mobile.

    In my personal limited technical opinion it would be reasonable to expect Microsoft to unblock our Windows 10 Mobile configuration to straight forward enable Command Line access to at least functionally attempt to overcome their mismanagement.

    In this (repeating) case, I stand a fighting chance to run "C:\SFC \ ScanNow" to overcome the pseudo-clear System File Configuration errors. Recall the 'non-identified' microSD is indeed accessible/seeable via Windows 10 Mobile inherent FileExplorer App. Hard resetting my phone is F'ing stupid 'solution' as I needlessly have to reinstall everything and lose all my earned achievements. Already done this more than once and I simply have had enough. No confidence in this not reoccurring, yet again.

    Functional, long term resolution is what I require. If you can provide me this, I will appreciate it very much.

    Thank you. Enjoy your day.

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