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Windows update thinks I have avira antivirus installed four times, and some dvd-ram...

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tech Issues' started by Baburav, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Baburav

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    Windows update thinks I have avira antivirus installed four times, and some dvd-ram software twice, so won't update?

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  3. FreeholdFred

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    In my case, both Avira Antivir and DVD-RAM were both part UBCD (Unversal Boot CD) that I inadvertently copied to my hard drive.

    I first used GlarySoft Utilities free Registry Cleaner w/o any luck.

    Then I found https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/6ai2ti/windows_10_upgrade_error_0xc1900208_how_can_i/ to lead to success.

    Full story:

    The road to success (but there are always potholes):

    1. Error 0cx1900208 led to https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/6ai2ti/windows_10_upgrade_error_0xc1900208_how_can_i/

    2a. When an update fails, the link above directed me to the latest ‘Panther’ (sic) folder on my machine

    2b. Select the latest timestamp for a compat*.xml.

    2c. Open the .xml in an XML reader or text editor or, in my case, Wordpad

    In part, the contents read as follows:

    </DriverPackages><Programs><Program Name="Avira AntiVir" Id="" IconId="avgntflt.sys|9c2573fe34cbde31">

    3a. Ah hah, I searched for ‘avgntflt.sys’ and found that 3b. The file location was under a folder ‘../UBCD/Programs/Avira Antivir’ and guess what other program I found there — DVD-RAM.

    The suspect folders Avira AntiVir and DVD-RAM were part of UBCD disk originally given out on a flash drive by computer club member back in 2012. They were just sitting in an obscure folder; they were NOT in the registry! Searching and finding ASCII characters in the Registry would have been too simple. Why they were not found as part of my ‘avira’ Windows Search shall remain a mystery.

    4. Deleted UBCD and DVD-RAM and rebooted

    5. After some 20 hrs, Windows 1709 was purring — well almost, as has happened many times before in Windows 10, 1709 finally killed my WinMail; I told you there was a pothole. Well, time to move on.

    Three things I have learned from this experience:

    1. MS Troubleshooting and Virtual Chat NEVER mentioned Compatibility XML files.

    2. I need to get rid of utility files that I try out and seldom use afterwards on a regular basis. Who would have thunk that MS would scour my entire hard drive file by file and flag non-compliant 3rd party non-system files, although I guess an antivirus program IS a de facto system file of sorts. I’d like to see their black listed files.

    3. Why should Microsoft care if I did copy it, but not have it installed? Class action, anyone?
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